I am a very enthusiastic person that loves art in all its form and I get inspired by people around me. I believe life is a journey that has to be enjoyed fully and everything I experience is material for my art and helps me to be better. I am currently collaborating with the band Nobody Wins, creating artworks for the promotion of their album "Zombies and Lizards" and posters for their gigs all around London. I also have had the amazing chance to illustrate chalk boards for Starbucks in London when I was working in the company and a window illustration for Pride 2018 in Starbucks Great Portland Street. During 2018 I also followed some courses of botanical illustration and children's book illustration provided by CityLit and UAL University.

My main passion is drawing people and their facial expressions and I do it in my spare time as a personal research.  Hand drawing with watercolours and ink is my favourite form of expression for my art, it gives an immediate feeling of what the world looks life from my eye.